Since 2006 we have worked with numerous school districts and helped them streamline their operations and save millions of dollars.


Our Mission

Rethinking the process for managing school district operations. This includes business management, planning, professional development, evaluation of staff, contract negotiation, procurement, program review, and use of data. TMS continues to push forward and break new ground.

TMS possess the ultimate “can do” attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive work ethic.
— Brian Cameron - Assistant Superintendent, Belchertown Public Schools
As a service provider is there is no down time, no vacation considerations and availability seven days a week at the hours that are needed
— Mary Elizabeth Beach - Superintendent (2006-14), Ware Public Schools

What We've Achieved

  • TMS has helped numerous clients address serious issues in the area of financial management bringing them into compliance with State and Federal regulations.
  • Implemented transparent systems for site based management of finances.
  • Recognized nationally for our budget work.
  • Forged partnerships between school districts allowing them to share services and reduce management costs.
  • A data driven system for contract negotiation that allows clients to anticipate future expenses.
  • Wrote and applied for numerous competitive grants. These awards have provided significant awards of extra funding to clients.
  • Reconfigured the student transportation for a district resulting in $600,000 in savings.