Since 2006 we have worked with numerous school districts, supported their operations, saved them millions of dollars, enabling them to focus resources on classrooms and students.

our solutions

Business Management Services, including all aspects of school finance, including:

  • Creating transparent systems for site based management of finances.

  • Working with school district leaders to manage and allocate funds to meet student needs and district goals.

  • Managing state, federal, and foundation grants in compliance with mandated requirements.

  • Complying with state and federal reporting requirements for school finance.

  • Forging partnerships between school districts allowing them to share services and reduce costs.

  • Providing a data-driven system for contract negotiation that allows clients to anticipate future expenses.

Policy Services:

  • Working with school leaders and school committees/boards in developing comprehensive policies designed to guide overall processes and procedures.

  • Providing towns and districts with analyses to inform decisions relating to regionalization and school governance.

Strategic Planning Services:

  • Working with school districts and community stakeholders to develop short- and long-range improvement plans, using SMART goals to ensure implementation.

  • Working with school districts and stakeholders to ensure safe environments with customized multi-hazard emergency response plans, tailored to meet the challenges of the schools and their communities.

Curriculum and Instructional Services:

  • Working with educators to develop local curriculum maps designed to align with state and national standards for learning

  • Coaching leaders and teachers in the implementation of high-impact instructional practices to maximize student learning.

Leadership Searching and Mentoring:

  • Facilitating the search process with school district leaders and stakeholders to search for and hire the best leaders to meet their needs.

  • Mentoring new school leaders in their positions at both school and district levels.

TMS possesses the ultimate “can do” attitude while taking on all tasks with a positive work ethic.
— Brian Cameron - Assistant Superintendent, Belchertown Public Schools
As a service provider is there is no down time, no vacation considerations and availability seven days a week at the hours that are needed
— Mary Elizabeth Beach - Superintendent (2006-14), Ware Public Schools

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