We’re proud of our achievements…

Fiscal Management

  • Required state reporting compliance reviews with no findings.

  • Audits returned with no findings or corrections needed - accolades from auditors for our work.

  • Joint bids among member districts saving hundreds of thousands of dollars (transportation, food service, electricity, trash removal, managed print services).

  • Moved personnel out of federally-funded grants to avoid retirement plan surcharge, allowing districts to use more funds to target student needs.

  • Developed business office procedural manual and developed a system of internal controls to track revenues and expenditures.

  • Established business office for newly created virtual school in Massachusetts.

  • Set up accounting system to merge two schools into one.

  • Cleaned up financial accounting records to ensure compliance with required chart of accounts.

  • Maintained financial management stability with significant turnover in leadership.

Overall Operations Management

  • Conducted reviews of business and central office operations with recommendations for increased collaboration and efficiency.

  • Served as interim special education director, facilities director, and superintendent/executive director to help districts through transitions while ensuring that teaching and learning received consistent support.

  • Served as advisor/participant in the collective bargaining process; analyzing proposals for their impact on the budget and district policy.

  • Policy reviews and updates for districts to ensure that processes are in place to support district operations and comply with federal and state laws and regulations.

Curriculum and Instructional Management

  • Worked with districts to align curricula in all content areas with state and national standards for student learning outcomes.

  • As a training partner with TeachPoint, worked with districts to implement system, trained educators on its use, worked with administrators to calibrate instructional observations and reviews of evidence of practice.

  • Worked with districts in clearly defining instructional practices designed to have significant impact on student learning, used instructional rounds to work with administrators on calibrating reviews of practices.

Strategic Planning Management

  • Facilitated strategic planning for overall district improvement in 3 districts, involving all stakeholders in the process.

  • Facilitated development of Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plans, engaging the school and local community (fire, police, town administration) in the process.

  • Facilitated an action plan for meeting the behavioral health needs of students.

  • Facilitated planning with school leaders in the implementation of high-impact instructional practices within their schools.

Online and Blended Learning Management

  • Assisted with needs assessment for appropriate technology to deliver online/blended instruction.

  • Developed process to examine tools to implement online learning, including capacity for implementation, fiscal analysis, and alignment with school’s mission - engaging all educators and Board of Trustees in the process.

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