High-performing schools and districts have leaders who share a vision of ensuring all students meet with success and work with the community to achieve that vision.

Let the management solution be your leadership search and mentoring solution


We will work with stakeholders to ensure a customized process, designed to meet your needs:

  • Needs assessment processes designed to gather input on what your school community needs from your leaders.

  • Developing recruitment materials tailored to your situation: brochures, job descriptions, advertising through appropriate networks. Advertise your position on our website.

  • Act as liaison between candidates and your district to ensure a smooth process.

  • Provide mentorship to newly-hired leaders, aligned with district needs and standards for effective school leadership – including instructional and operational leadership elements.

current clients can also advertise with us,
even if we don’t lead the search:
a benefit of partnering with tms


information for current mentees

Current Mentors/Mentees can access files relevant to their work by clicking on the link for your district below:

Ware Public Schools Mentor Group

to learn more about our LEADERSHIP SEARCHING AND MENTORING solutions and how they can work for you or to advertise your positions: