We work with your district to ensure that students meet with success through rigorous curriculum, high-quality instruction, and strategic use of digital tools to empower students as agents of their own learning.
Not pre-packaged programs, but tools you can use, tailored to your needs.

Curriculum and Instruction Services

Working with educators to:

  • Audit curriculum and instructional practices with Curriculum Management Solutions, Inc. (CSMi) Curriculum Management Audit(TM), Level II trained reviewer.

  • Develop local curriculum maps designed to align with state and national standards and competencies for learning.

  • Develop data management systems and analysis protocols in Professional Learning Communities.

  • Coaching leaders and teachers in the implementation of high-impact instructional practices to maximize student learning.

DIGITAL Learning Services

Working with educators to enhance student learning with digital tools:

  • Technology surveys to determine current and future capacity to increase opportunities for students.

  • Needs assessment planning: aligning purchases of hardware, software, and apps to the district’s theory of learning; considerations of instructional need; achieving appropriate balance of pacing, student agency, and educator roles; steps to ensure data privacy and use for improved learning outcomes.

  • Facilitating inter-district collaboration to increase student access to curriculum through online and blended learning.

I really enjoyed working with Dr. Houle. She is knowledgeable, experienced, and real!
— Pamela Iwasinski - Elementary Principal, Ware Public Schools
It [High-Impact Instructional Pracitces Professional Development] gave me additional confidence in my ability to be an objective observer.
— Kimberly Thompson, Elementary Assistant Principal, Ware Public Schools

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