Since 2006 we have worked with numerous school districts, supported their operations, saved them millions of dollars, enabling them to focus resources on classrooms and students.

Business Management Services, including all aspects of school finance

We specialize in:

  • Fully transparent, site-based budgeting model and training on its use for administrators and school committee/board members:

    • Site-based, so those closest to students are making decisions in their best interest.

    • Budgeting processes and use of all funds (local, grants, revolving) made clear to all stakeholders.

  • Internal controls, processes, and procedures to ensure funds are used wisely and well.

  • Budgeting best practices to ensure compliance with federal/state and auditing guidelines.

  • Procurement services, including cooperative bids with other TMS clients, saving individual districts thousands of dollars.

  • Human resources management and collective bargaining support.

  • Operations review and analysis in line with best practices.

  • Facilities management consultation.

As a service provider, there is no down time, no vacation considerations, and availability seven days a week at the hours that are needed.
— Mary Elizabeth Beach - Superintendent (2006-14), Ware Public Schools

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